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Special Nativity Monastery Invitation

2018 Fall Young Adult Retreat

"Let Us Commend Ourselves and Our Whole Life to Christ God"

Nativity IconThe sisters of Nativity Monastery invite you to join us for our 2018 Fall Young Adult Retreat to be held at The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ Monastery on Saturday,October 13, 2018.

We also welcome our Speaker Archimandrite Gerasim (Eliel).

Schedule of Events (all times are approximate):

8:30 - Prayers before communion and hours
9:00 - Divine Liturgy      
10:30am - Brunch
11:00am - First Session   
12:00pm - Questions
12:30pm - Break
1:00pm - Second Session
2:30 - Questions
4:00pm - Vespers

You may RSVP by calling the monastery at 903-498-4474 or by sending an email to nativitymonastery@gmail.com.  When you RSVP, please let us know how many will be attending with you.

"Let Us Commend Ourselves and Our Whole Life to Christ God"

Archimandrite Gerasim (Eliel)Archimandrite Gerasim (Eliel) is the Administrator of St Seraphim's Cathedral, Dallas. He was formerly the abbot of St Herman of Alaska Monastery in Platina, and was involved in bringing the monastery back into the Orthodox Church. On February 16, 2015, he was nominated to be the next bishop of the Diocese of the South (OCA), and on March 18, 2015, he was appointed by the Holy Synod as the Administrator of that diocese.
Archimandrite Gerasim a Torrance California native and attended University of California at Santa Cruz in August of 1979. Through the years between 1979 and 1981 Father Gerasim was clothed as a novice and in September of 1982 requested to be tonsured as a Monk. In the following years from 1982 until August of 2009 you can click here and find extensive service in many countries, monasteries, and in August of 2009 attended St Vladimir Seminary and received a Master of Divinity in 2012. Graduating with distinct honors and was the 2012 class valedictorian.
Background In OCA: 2009 August: Abbot Gerasim began studies at St Vladimir's Seminary and was considered an episcopal candidate for the vacant Diocese of Alaska (OCA). He was asked by the Holy Synod to study at a seminary for a year. However, once there, he decided to remain for three years and graduated with a Master of Divinity degree - as the 2012 class valedictorian. .
2010 Summer: Igumen Gerasim visited 35 villages in Alaska, serving in ~10, and was introduced as a candidate to be the next bishop (a role that was actually filled by Bp David).
2012: After graduating as class valedictorian, he was assigned to be assistant priest at Holy Virgin Cathedral, Los Angeles.
2013 Sep: Assigned to St Seraphim's Cathedral, Dallas.
2015 Feb 16: Archim. Gerasim was overwhelmingly nominated to fill the vacant See of Dallas and the South at the Special Diocesan Assembly, held at Christ the Saviour Cathedral. His name was submitted for canonical election by the Holy Synod of Bishops at their March 2015 meeting. [1]
2015 Mar 18: The Holy Synod, stating an identified need for episcopal candidates of a diocese to serve as Administrator, appointed Archim. Gerasim to be the Administrator of the Diocese of the South, under Metropolitan Tikhon as locum tenens.