A Traditional Orthodox Women's Monastery
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Special Monastery Invitation

The 5th Annual Feast Day Celebration for the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ Monastery

It is our pleasure to invite you to celebrate the fifth annual feast day celebration of the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ Monastery on Saturday, December 27, 2014. We will celebrate the Divine Liturgy with visiting clergy and the faithful.

We also welcome our guest speaker Heiromonk Alexii Altschul.  

Schedule of Events (all times are approximate):

9:30 AM - Reading of the Hours and Prayers Before Communion

10:00 AM - Divine Liturgy

12:00 PM - Reception / Luncheon at the St. Seraphim Retreat Center

Guest speaker Heiromonk Alexii Altschul -- Significance of Mt. Athos for the World: Reflections on Monasticism and Pilgrimage

You may RSVP by calling the monastery at 903-498-4474 or by sending an email to nativitymonastery@gmail.com.  When you RSVP, please let us know how many children will be attending with you as we prepare special gifts for children.

Hieromonk Alexii Altschul is a monk with the Serbian Orthodox Church. After 20 years of serving an inner-city parish in Kansas City, MO, he was tonsured last October 2013, following the death of his Matushka in March, 2012. Formerly known as Fr. Paisius, he and his wife, Matushka Michaila, worked together reaching out to people in need, first as non-denominational Protestants, and then, after their conversion to Orthodoxy in 1993, through St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Church. 

At that location, they saw, with the help of many dedicated servants of God, over 150 souls brought into the Orthodox Church, the founding of the Ancient Christianity and African American Conference, the founding of Reconciliation Services - FOCUS Kansas City, and two books, An Unbroken Circle and Wade in the River. 

In addition to seeking to unite people through Christ, serving those in need, and providing a sacramental environment for healing, Fr. Alexii had also been a trained clinical social worker.

After his tonsure, he was sent by Vladika +LONGIN of the New Gracanica and Midwestern Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church in America to stay in Mt. Athos for nearly 7 months. He has now returned to rural Northwest Missouri where he has been blessed by His Grace Bishop +LONGIN to form Holy Archangel Michael and All Angels Skete.