A Traditional Orthodox Women's Monastery
Orthodox Church in AmericaDiocese of the South

"The Light of Christ Illumines All!"

Orthodox Church Onion DomesNativity Monastery Pure Beeswax Candles are handmade with prayer by the sisters. We use 100% pure beeswax to make a pure offering to God, giving Him our best out of what He has given to us through Creation, not tainting it with anything impure or man-made.

Offering a sweet-smelling, natural fragrance, pure beeswax candles – unlike paraffin or blended candles – burn purely, with no toxins or soot to damage walls, pictures, or your own health. All natural, our candles produce a bright, long-lasting flame to illumine your home as the light of Christ illumines our world.

Natural soy wax candles also available.